Poverty of Speech: What Is Alogia a Sign of?

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Alogia is just a diagnostic term,using to description the ability or inability to
Transmission the thoughts data into spoken voices /written words

Difficulty shifting from the thought process to speech behavior
It means that,the person thinks and produces thoughts ,but for some pathological reasons finds it difficult to express his thoughts in spoken words or writing

And this means that,there is no genetic disease or/ mental illness that prevent the person from the thinking or producing the thoughts units (look like a deaf),and this is a Neurosis condition not a Psychosis (which prevents the person from practice the natural thinking process in the first place )

Alogia in objective similarly, the symmetry of the DNA gene who sends its message to the executive gene RNA,which cannot express the message’s content functionally (for some pathological defect )

Similar cases
symptoms of dysarthria (alogia) that follow drinking alcohol,smoking drugs or using the medical drugs

  • repeating words
  • using words together that don’t form a sentence
  • coming up with new words
  • inaccurately using words to describe something

Like,the schizophrenia affects 1 % of population
The schizophrenia is characterized by hallucination,delusion and C,and D …etc

using words together that don’t form a reasonable sentence such as (positive symptoms)

Coming up with new words that does not rooted from the mother language such as the term "schizophrenia "

Inaccurately using words to describe something,such as ( D. D) instead of Dementia in the youth age
using the word (schizophrenic individual )instated of using schizophren-ed

using the term sz is a genetic disease or mental illness without finding the substance of the disease or the mutational change in the psychological component !

İ used to have bad alogia but invega treated 100%.i m very good speaker now