Potentially triggering, don't read unless stable

Has anyone else talked to demons during psychotic episodes? What did they say? I’m interested in others experiences.

They just told me to kill myself. Good riddance, haven’t heard them or seen them in almost two years.

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the closest thing to a demon I see is this gargoyle named beliel, he is not evil though he sticks up for me from the other voices. though devon is pretty close to a demon. his eyes glow red when I see him. and he screams at me to hurt myself.

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They’re just cocky, kind of sociopathic and want to debate everything. They rarely come up unless I’ve already been having a rough time, sleep-deprived, etc. In retrospect I think it’s typically just my own mind breaking down.

Never heard voices, never hallucinated. But I could perceive demons using my ‘sixth sense’, and they seemed to be powerful to me, but with insect like intelligence.

Edit: that was in the past. I am no longer aware of them now.

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no not technically

I still see demons slithering/crawling around sometimes. They don’t talk nearly as much as they used to. When I was young and they were at their strongest they would tell me that I was born to be a witch, that I think I belong to God but I don’t…that I belong to *****. That I am inately evil, and that I would become pregnant with the child of the **********. ( I went through an exorcism at about 20-21, and a few fellow church members (fundamentalist evangelicals) accused me of being s witch. ) Anyway, now when they’re around/approaching me it’s to try to scare me. I rebuke them and they go away…

I have a weird sensation fellow. He isn’t mean to me though. He is just “there.” He isn’t much of a talker but is generally like “Oh come on, you can do better than that, girl!”

I know…this is weird. His name is Delvin. The others though, I have a man who just yells out me and a whispering girl who tells me to “go die” etc ugh

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Personal comment: I’ve never – AND I MEAN NOT ONCE – ever seen a person recover properly when they like to play with and encourage their voices. The ones who make a habit of this invariably wind up going full-on whackdoodle. Engage in this activity at your own peril.

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Don’t play with fire or you’ll get burned!

Oh no I don’t interact with the demons I try to ignore them. I completely agree with you, listening to them and talking with them has sucked me into episodes before.

There not real. It’s just a by product of your messed up brain. Just ignore that ■■■■.