Can i talk about the devil?

just wondering if i can talk about the devil on here? maybe in the unusual beliefs?

You just know it’s going to be triggering. I don’t know why is hard for you to accept that,
I know you don’t want to trigger people. But for me for example, I didn’t grow up listening that they are real, I believed it in my worst phase, and I don’t want to go through that again.

I doubt if admin would allow it.

ok, i am sorry these things are triggering for you but i thought if i couldn’t talk about god then maybe i could talk about the devil in the unusual beliefs section

I’m sorry daydreamer, I know you’re not dumb and I don’t intend to make you feel like it. But what part of religious talk forbidden here don’t you understand?

I see it as a bummer you’re being held back from your topics but yea religion is trippy for many… .a nun told me to not read the bible

i don’t want to start a religious discussion i just wanted to ask

i’m just a bit worried about not being able to talk about things,

i have no-one to talk to right now anyway

Feel free to talk to me via PM on anything potentially religiously triggering. I am completely confident in my ability to cope and I think it is important for you to get some of this stuff off your chest. - without it affecting others.

thanks @Polymorphed but i’d rather share it with the community, we are all supposed to be friends in here but then you get people telling you what you can and can’t write it is not fair, i feel like i am being singled out, i try to write nice things most of the time but now its like i can’t talk about anything nice or anything bad, everything is a trigger, anything can be a trigger.

Inbox me. I’ll listen

if you don’t like what i write you can probably block me or something, why don’t you ask admin?

I think you could talk about it if if your currently conflicted with delusions/hallucinations that have to do with the devil, or if it has affected you in the past.

But beyond that? Probably not

It’s in the community guidelines for a reason.

There are plenty of other christian posters here that understand why religion is not the appropriate discussion in this forum.

Religion and especially talks about god devil angels and so forth are triggering for many. For me for example, I have to deal with a shitload of delusions that accompany those topics for the rest of the day, or even days after.

We all have to be careful, that’s what it means, community. Sometimes I’m triggering to others too, and I hate it, but I know I have to dial it back if I am.

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the whole reason i talk about these things is bc they are all connected to delusions i had a while ago before i became a Christian, the whole reason i became a Christian was because i had a calling in my delusions that i felt i had to explore and i am still exploring that,

Well if it helps you sort it out to talk about it then I think that’s fair

what can i talk about instead? i feel like i have a gagging order on me

they wouldn’t allow it

You ignore me on purpose, and you don’t care about triggering others. You play the victim card everytime this is brought up like you’re not allowed to speak your mind. But as I remember correctly, you keep posting about it either way, and the threads sometimes get locked sometimes they don’t.

Even @velociraptor explained to you why it is triggering. You just don’t care.

i do care, i don’t want to trigger people, its not my fault people get triggered, if we were to take away every single trigger then there would be nothing on here, i have rights the way i see it, there is such i thing called freedom of speech and if you want to get support then thats even better, what if i said you couldn’t post you positive messages or any of your other threads because they trigger me, thats why its not fair, i don’t tell you what to post.

If positive messages are triggering for you I would stop them. So far no one complained and they’re completely different things as you know so don’t compare them.

You’re pissed off, I get it, me too.

I’m out of this conversation before it escalates, you’re obviously not keen in talking like an adult and I have to leave for my drivers lesson.

Over and out.