Post your current weater

Dublin 15c rainy all day

Light overcast and windy AF. About 15C outside.

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54F Iowa, Cloudy atm, been rainy most of morning. Not sure if going to continue.

54F converts to 12.2222 celsius

84f north carolina, partly cloudy , glad its warm now but once july hits and its constantly 90s ill be wishing for fall

Well I’m sitting next to a radiator and it is warm.

But outside it is getting chilly. And cloudy.

City by the city by the bay
72 f sunny

62 degrees, sunny, light breeze.

Thank you, California.

well its 60 f out and kind of a hazy white sky.

enjoying it its been in the 50s

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Finally a rainy day after like a month with fine weather. I don’t mind. We need rain for our drinking water and to run our electrics here in Norway. In the capitol they are rationing water right now because of almost no rainfall the last month.

Lower Sierra foothills, CA cloudy and a little cold

Little Rock Arkansas USA Sunny 74F 23C

Journey!!! 15151515

Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 69 degrees F. Mostly cloudy. Balmy weather.


It’s going to be a high of 77°F, here. It’s sunny. :sunny:

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Haha how funny yeah I got it from lights, San Diego by San Fran

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7 degrees and late night.

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It’s usually showering where I live :slightly_frowning_face:

Overcast :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud:

sunny today 16c i mite sun tan myself