How is your weather today

It is just +3 C degrees here, cloudy, rains a little. Little depressing. I went to ride my bicycle and started feeling better. I wore my Serbian army jacket and my red scarf, I just like to ride my bicycle.


It’s early in the morning here and I can already tell it’s going to be cool and rainy all day for like the fourth day in a row lol.

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It’s 43 F and sunny. The expected high is 71 F. Little Rock, Arkansas USA.

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I’m new to this site, just wanted to say hello, glad your all here. Just found you today.


Windy here in Gladstone, Oregon. How are you all?


Its 3C outside here too.

Today was partly cloudy and mild, about 20C. It’s definitely getting a little warmer here in SA after the cold winter. I can go out with two layers on instead of four.

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It’s forecasted to be 95F this afternoon.

Hot and humid. 30 degrees C. Usual for this time of year.

Pretty decent out… it is 62 degrees right now!

Its 3°c/34°f here. No wind. No clouds. Absolutely beautiful and crisp. My favorite weather.

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Its 6C now but will be 1C during the night. Still no meed fir heat though.

It is zero C degrees and snowing. Winter is here. I went to ride my bicycle, I cycled only a few kilometers.

Cloudy and mild. Not hot but not freezing either.

Hey, @mjseu

Do you change tires for the winter?

I am thinking of buying winter tires. Would be more safe to cycle.

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