Post your current thoughts

Thanks @Earthfire .
Could you give me some ideas (when you talk about EQ.) ?

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I feel weak cause I browse twitter. It’s so depressing…
Here the actual scandal : some politics could have participated some forbidden meal (Covid19.) so everybody is on alert. (media, twitter etc.)
I rather should do something else.
Need to eat something. Probably eggs with bread.

Uh you probably know better than me. I just Mena cutting harsh frequencies cutting out any conflicting lows to avoid it sounding muddy. Maybe boosting some highs to give add some white noise. Idk. Probably better to do it on individual tracks rather than on the master.

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You sound like a great producer so you probably know all this just saying haha

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Keep fighting the sz!

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Thank you @Earthfire , you’re really cool. :slight_smile:
Actually, I thought you were talking about some specific frequencies to cut or to add.
I never took time to explore possibilities of mixing…
I could be a kind of challenge to “enlarge” my knowledge.

Tonight I won’t play. I see my shrink tomorrow early.
Thanks man for boosting me ! :+1::+1::+1::muscle:

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Thanks hope we can work on some music together In the future

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jst resting in bed on d laptop,


time to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :wink:

Been feeling hungover all day. Feel better now. Might have a bath. Seeing family tomorrow.

Anxiety is really bad atm. Palpitations are sky high. I actually can’t handle caffeine anymore. I don’t understand why it’s happened so suddenly. Every caffeinated beverage I have, gives me palpitations right afterward

I hate eating too much, really annoyed.

off for a 10km walk soon

cool, idk what to do today but not in the mood for a walk

Which is worse? Extreme gas or the runs

I have to work tonight- bleh!

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Wondering how to waste the evening

jst relaxing now

Cant get this person out of my head. We met years ago. But recently I can’t stop thinking of them. It’s doing my head in and kind of depresses me quite a bit.

Do both you and your younger brother both live at home, @Raelyn_Fenn ? I rarely see my family, even when we were all living at home we never did anything together. Just wondering what it’s like for others

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