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I spent day reading about it…i am in love with this forum…

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Hey @far_cry0 how was your day going, are you feeling any better

So you said you live in Nepal right, whats that like?

Its poor country …we dont have any insurance and medical support …are u on us… my brother is in Atlanta …he is doing fine…!!!

Yeah I’m in Hawaii, I have a sister in Texas same thing, how far apart are you guys

that sucks about the healthcare arena there, you seem pretty bright have you ever thought about doing anything to better care for ppl there?

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No i don’t have money…my family is poor…i like to work now i am disabled and broke…

been there yeah I remember watching the merchants on the side of the road selling fruit so I started a business. It was like a custom teeshirt printing company but instead of teeshirts it was condoms. I took a rubber stamper and came up with funny slogans and stamped them on condoms, made a lot of money, took my mom out for a steak dinner it was fun ha


what kind of disability do you have

Chris do u work…

Have a job…i cant work

I am paralyzed man cant work …

I was on full scholarship in medical school when I got diagnosed. I had to drop out because of my symprtoms. It was bad I couldn’t even leave the house. Then I decided I was going to fight this and I did, slowly I began to get better and I forced myself to go out more so I started volunteering at places just so I had a reason to do things, you know to find purpose in life. Then after accomplishing that I decided to go to school again, this time for something different something a little easier. And I pushed myself and graduated, I have a paramedic license now. So I kept on and pushed myself further, kept volunteering and staying busy and active and recently just got hired at the local hospital here. I’m not scheduled to start next month pretty excited

it was just really hard battling suicidal thoughts and stuff like that. I wasn’t really a religious person but I forced myself to read the bible anyway. read it word for word cover to cover and learned a lot about life, I even learned to think of my negative thoughts and stressors as negative influences like deamons and found ways to overcome them through religion. pretty powerful stuff

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are you quadrapalegic?

I’m sorry to hear that

when I was really sick and was trying to find ways to reintergrate myself again I started watching a lot of tv, I would watch the business channel and record it and take notes. I eventually learned enough to learn the stock market and was able to make money-bring in money for an income, and I then used that money to get back to school. it was nice because I could work from home. I know it sounds boring, but have you ever thought about the stock market? I can help you get started,


I have a term insurance plan. But I don’t know it is legal or not. Insurance company only takes my ECG, and blood samples.

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I like to listen to it helps to get me motivated to do stuff

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this is paid insurance aku …i was talking about disability due to sz…!!!

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hey cris what r u doing …!!!