Good morning people :)

Just here wishing all of you guys a
great day today :sunny:

This forum has really allowed me/us to connect and understand others dealing with this illnes(s),
and more than that I guess you could say we are like our “own little group” here.

We live in such a internal world, and the whole experience is just mind blowing.
The schizophrenic mind and experience and walk is… I don’t even know the words to describe it.
Blessings to your own world today!
WhiIe I grab a coffee in my own world and get ready for today. :grin: :coffee:


Sup chris …what are u upto…good morning buddy…

Good morning Farcry !:grinning:
I’m have a breakfeast of champions
(coffee and a smoke):laughing: Joking.

I’m just getting ready for my day, might go to the beach this weekend so that’s going to be cool.
My symptoms of DP/DR are showing improvements out of nowhere, and I’m very happy about it, hopefully it continues to happen :yum:

Whatcha up to lately farcry, how has your day been going ???

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I am struggling chris …i cant work mate…i am so much dissappointed…

Tell me my friend , I’m struggling as well.
I can imagine your disappointment, and I understand why you can’t work.
We are survivors bud, screw the idea of it for now, we will make it through somehow.
I couldn’t imagine the disappointment you go through from family/social/financial factors, while dealing with schiz and even general happiness but it will work out hang in there farcry
Sucks you live in India, id imagine you as a cool friend I could hang out with.
I’m struggling as well. I have no job still living with parents, no friends no girl and I’m in completely disassociated state waiting for time to end I guess, but we gotta just keep moving, something good can work.


good morning @Chrisjjack and @far_cry0 I hope you have a blessed day!


good morning to you too guys. i love this thread. thanks, judy


Chris i live in nepal …india is our neighbouring country along china…hey chris are u from texas…

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I live in Florida, Us, :stuck_out_tongue:

Just google searched Nepal and it looks beautiful.

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@tera @ifeelblessed @far_cry0

Blessing back to all of ya😋

Chris its multicultural country …peace full as well…u can visit nepal at any time…its super cheap here…

Huh, I was really interested in relocated to a cheaper country after making a living in the US.

I’m guessing the multiculturality of India passed some of its traditions over there.

Farcry I’ll actually keep that in mind of a possible place to vacation too.

So is Nepal a independent country, or is it like china? etc

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Yes it a independant country…is very beautiful …china is also indepandant country …its ruled by communist…getting visa is ez here …so come to nepal i am welcoming u my buddy…

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Yeah one of these days man,
Wish I could but wouldnt be easy, I love to explore travel though, wish I could come like this week

I’ll definitely keep it in mind although, but for today namaste from a ocean away xD.

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Good morning everyone. It is a great morning here in the U.S.A. at 8:20 am. I’m from the Midwest. Middle of the country. The plains. And it’s beautiful here this morning too.

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