Positivity Journal

My assignment from my therapist is to every day write down something positive. Lately I have been so down: losing my appeal for social security having to appeal again, getting sick, being weaned of Effexor , starting Viibryd , being upset about the plane being shot down, short on money this month, and therapist is on vacation. Could someone give me some ideas to put in my journal?

) 1 You have access to a computer.

2 ) You are able to write coherently.

3 ) You have this site for support and advice.

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There is always something positive in your life, even if its Im alive! I can see - hear - taste or feel
Being grateful or thankful does not always just have to happen on Thanksgiving - count your blessings, I am sure you can find something positive

I remember when my therapist gave my that assignment. Sometimes I would have to just write… I’m lucid enough to know what’s happening around me.

I started an art journal because I have writers block for my regular journal. My camera is broken so I can’t post any photos. But it makes me happy and occupies my time. Sometimes I write an inspirational quote and then draw a picture around it. Sometimes I just doodle or color which is meditative and relaxing. Sometimes I collage a feeling or theme to express something which makes me feel better. I like the process of finding the materials and pictures from magazines to collage and thinking about how they go together. What I’m getting at is you don’t need to limit yourself to words for your journal, draw, color, create too. You might be surprised with what you come up with.

Thank you skims that does give me some ideas.