Ponderism for the day

Here’s an old joke that stand up comics drag up every now and then but it’s true.
Where do socks disappear too? Just several months ago I had half of a drawer filled with pairs of white socks. I noticed about a month ago that not only have whole pairs vanished but I have different brands of white socks and I am missing half of pairs. I have a bunch of one-of-a-kinds. Luckily I have a reserve of socks tucked away in my closet. But where do they go?
And incidentally is this a problem for girls too?

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I suppose the joke is in the reserve of socks, but I figured they were from way back in time and had nothing to do with the ones in the drawer.
I celebrate every time I put my wash away and everything comes out even.

Jokes aren’t funny if you have to explain them. But no, the joke is that where do all these socks go?

This is really a joke if you can’t find many of your socks. I can imagine it. But my socks are rarely missing from the drawer. I usually fold them into a soft bar and put them all together. I learned this skill from one of my roommates at university. She can fold everything nicely.

That’s why my kids have all black (older boy) or gray socks (younger boy). You can pair the gray sock with any gray sock he has.

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Odd socks goto the same place working pens goto the vortex at the back of the fridge that comes out at night.

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It’s a problem…

I try to get the same kind of socks that way they always match.

I have a chronic time keeping my socks… my sis never seems to run out…

then I realized… When she does the laundry… she’ll take mine. That’s why it happens.

Behind the washing machine!