Consider it a good day when all your socks match

None were left in the washer or dryer, non fell on the floor, and they were all together when the laundering began. That in itself is a feat. :+1:


I can relate. I have these good bamboo socks. Really wear well and don’t trap sweat. Just forget where I bought them because I need some more. You look after good socks.

your feat or mine? lol i think some of my socks have evaporated or something, my shorts too

I call that an impossible day.

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Well, my day was good. Hope you have better luck your next laundry day, @77nick77

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I absolutely hate having odd socks lol. Im quite fussy with it and every few years will spend some money on socks and underwear pants so that it feels new.

They’ll keep stealing my socks, I’ll keep buying more.

Why should I worry about my socks matching?

I buy big packs of all the same socks. Much easier

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