Poll: What topics would you like to see Sz Educational Videos Produced On?

Folks - I’m talking to some clinical experts / groups about developing some special videos for people who have psychosis / schizophrenia and wanted to get your feedback on what you think the most important topics are that you would like to see covered in this series of videos. Please vote below on topics you feel are most important TO YOU. You can vote on multiple items - click on all the ones that you would like to see most.

Here is my initial list of ideas from what I’ve seen in the forums. Add your own ideas in messages below if I’ve missed something you feel is important to cover. Thanks!

Click on ALL OF THE topics below you would be most interested in:

  • Reducing risk of Diabetes
  • Overcoming sexual problems
  • Overcoming Negative Symptoms
  • Overcoming Positive Symptoms
  • Social Skills improvement
  • Getting a Girlfriend / Boyfriend
  • Overcoming boredom - Lack of purpose in life
  • Overcoming Anxiety Issues
  • Overcoming Substance Abuse issues
  • Dealing with Family dynamics / problems
  • Reducing risk of Relapse

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I’d rather watch an educational video about schizophrenia or mental illness as a disease than watch a video about life instruction.

That being said, I’ve been stuck sitting in group having to watch videos too many times and would rather not watch anything. I’ve become soured on the whole idea of watching any videos on the subject of mental illness.

I answered which I’d rather see if stuck sitting in group, as that’s where videos like these always seem to end up. Of the choices presented, I chose reducing the risk of relapse.


I don’t know what to choose - there is more than one that is very attractive as a choice.

Choose all that are of interest to you.

Overcoming negative symptoms, social skills improvement, overcoming anxiety issues, dealing with family dynamics and I guess reducing risk of relapse.

And don’t forget to click ‘vote’ when you’re done.

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Oh I see you can pick more than one. I thought it was a one off vote thing.

Vote for as many items as you want. Please join in - if you haven’t already.

I already did, I voted for all the ones I said. Thanks for pointing it out. Blame my poor concentration that I didn’t see it said you can pick up to 11. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would like to have some guidelines on the most common side effects of the APs we use…
E.g. Abilify = Akathisia
Olanzapine = Weight gain and diabetes
Risperdal= sexual dysfunction
Latuda =
Xeplion =
Haldol =
Geodon =

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prolactin levels rise to the roof :cry: I’m really sad about switching but I’ve been lactating. Sucks. It’s a good med.

Now see that is the type of red lights for each AP we should be aware of before hand so that we can get a contingency plan in place. The side effects should be explained in easy terms for everyone to understand


Totally agree on that. I told my pdoc on the last appointment we should chose the next ap considering the side effects. We mentioned abilify but I’m not looking forward akathisia

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I would also be interested in these topics: Coping with the symptoms-especially for the recently diagnosed, medication compliance, the effects of substance abuse on the illness, thank you!


What’s the best way to communicate with your doctors? is a video I would like to see,

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Recovery from a relapse.

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I’m interested in what the production quality will be like!

I’m thinking felt pictures and puppets :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh - way too early to start thinking about that, but basically as cheap as possible :slight_smile:

I would like to see how to overcome these problems and how to keep your success going once that’s done.