POLL: what should I have for dinner?

I’m starting to get hungry, but I’m not sure what I want to make. So, I’m making a poll in the style of @FatMama :slightly_smiling_face:.

  • Bird’s Eye frozen chicken florentine (breast meat, creamy sauce, spinach, yellow squash, tomatoes) with parmesan and maybe with Texas toast
  • Hamburger Helper stroganoff (with real sour cream added)
  • Chimichangas (with sour cream and hot sauce on top)
  • Can of baked beans
  • A whole lot of mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Pasta and sauce mix (tomato/basil/garlic)

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I’m leaning toward the chicken florentine, but I don’t know.

I could go for the stroganoff, but the ground beef is frozen, and my antique (made in 1992) microwave sucks at defrosting meat.

Or maybe I could have a couple chimis, as well as a can of baked beans or mashed potatoes and gravy, though those would be odd combinations.

I have everything I need to make a Caesar salad, but that’s not a dinner to me. I might precede my dinner with that, though.


I don’t like sour cream so I didn’t vote for either of those options but without it they sound good. Good luck.

My wife is baking pork chops. I will either make some macaroni and cheese or cheesy potatoes with it and a can of some type of vegetable.


I am having venison (deer meat) tonight. :deer::deer::deer:


Good poll! I chose chimichangas.
I had microwave cheese raviolis. It was ok.

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My dinner is done. I have pecan pie for dessert


I love butter beans, haven’t had them in a long time. Maybe I’ll pick up a can the next time I grocery shop.

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I hate lima beans! :tired_face:

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Broad beans and butter beans - YUCK!

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Seasoned butter beans. I love them.

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I love buttered Lima beans.


What do you use for seasoning?

I just heat them up in the water they come in, then drain all of the water off and add some real butter. A little plain, perhaps, but I still like them that way.

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I was about to make a Caesar salad to hold me over for a little while, still haven’t eaten dinner, but nope. The store where I get my groceries still had no romaine lettuce in stock, so I bought green leaf lettuce. That was two days ago and it’s already soft and wilted. I’ve never had leaf lettuce; maybe it’s just naturally like that, idk. Gross. I threw it away. No salads for me until I can get romaine.

The can says seasoned butter beans. I just added onions and a little Slap ya Momma. A Cajun seasoning.

They sell these in the south. I haven’t seen them in other parts of the country.

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I don’t do onions, but I was just thinking a little garlic powder might be good on them. Maybe a little black pepper, too.

I closed the poll, because I just got dinner started.

I respect the will of the voters, so I’m making the chicken florentine with a couple pieces of Texas toast. :yum:


I have a can of beans more than I probably should! Sometimes they have little sausages in them too!

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Yeah, a can of beans makes for an inexpensive, but still pretty good, lunch.

My speciality is beans on toast, super noodles with lots of pepper and two eggs on top.

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