Poll: What is your current medication regimen?

The normie has sz in him. That’s a fact, now I don’t know why only 1 percent get sz from billions… Voices are not a problem for most of normies but in the sz mind they’re accompanied with all sorts of disfunctionalityes.

If you are sz I’m afraid you’re limited because you can’t be more objective then the avarage person

Be more objective. What do you mean? :slight_smile:

You’re right. It was doing a contradiction. We can’t be objective, after all is only one opinion to milions of people.


The high functional normie doesn’t have this setbacks we do.if you now what I mean

If you are thinking of “thinking about objective nature,” then I can do that. I think about objective nature very well…subjective mindology too. :slight_smile:

The biggest bad thing for me is where my “feelings” become what reality means. Since I’ve been able to solve that, I haven’t had that problem much anymore. I little bit still, but it is going away. It was definitely doing what you were thinking of.

Its a shot in the dark and I can tel you know more then me about this.

But it might be that you as sz and most of sz perceive stimuli more powerful and the mind enters a new realm without a conscious command from our conscious aka inner voice

Like a supernatural realm?

The mind is information. Like all information it attempts to represent or replicate other things in standard informationous “subject + predicate” context.

Feelings are a kind of informationous signal. They are activated when the rest of the information means the things that activate the feelings. To change the feeling signals, change the information in the rest of the mind.

I used to think that my feelings were telepathy, telemetry, and telekinesis. It was just ancient bicameral mind condition…very typical. It’s typical for people to believe in “pseudo-teletransponence” with beings and other humans but not other things like being a time traveler etc because the brain can “pretend teletranspondence,” but it can’t pretend the other wild ideas.

When the brain renders the mind information as though it was in a kind of magic pseudo teletranmission state with other beings or people, it is split. The “others” that the brain is acting like I call “rifters.” It’s just bad information being rendered as though the information meant that reality were being “teletransmittant” with oneself.

In other words the brain is bicameral or “two chambered” rending what seems like oneself and rendering what represents a “teletranspondent” other being or person. Until the brain is taught the real meaning of the mind (information), it can’t know that it is inhabited with multiple “personalitious ideologies” like more than one rabbit living in a hill so to speak.

Not really supernatural. It’s in our realm after all, we can think it, feel it.

Im not sure if you can taught the brain that
Ap’s diminish (for me, a little) the other compartment of the brain we “share”.

This info is rich and the terms are to complex for me. But I took out what I understood from you’re writing

Until now it doesn’t bother me that I have to “cohabitate” a part of me with other people.

… Bottom line you’re saying that “shared compartments” of our mind is not something we use concionsly all The time? That’s what I also seemed

Let me be clear. I know most of the time example in the city where’s a lot of people there’s this tendency of being unconsciously “used”. But when I am just with one person and when I want to share something with her I can do it concionsly some of the time

Others time it just popped out of me either is my own “desire” or my companions… You know you can never be sure


120mg latuda
Benzotrap but I don’t usually take it because it doesn’t work.
Antanex when needed


L theanine
Fish oil capsule
Vitamin e
Vitamin c

Venlafaxine (Effexor) 225 mg each morning
Ziprasidone (Geodon) 80 mg twice daily
Clozapine (Clozaril) 200 mg each night

Diazepam 5 - 10 mg as required

Supplement - Fish oil

I am not taking quetiapine anymore because it triggered mania…

Two atypical AP’s -amisulpride and olanzapine

Invega 9mg
Duloxetine 120mg
Depakote 500mg
Benztropine 1-2mg
Metformin 500mg
Propranolol 20mg
Levothyroxine 150mg

Paliperidone 100mg
Sertraline 200mg

Thanks for sharing everyone!


Risperidone 6mg, venlafaxine 225mg, aripiprazole 5mg, diazepam 10mg all daily

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Vraylar, 1.5 mg
Vitamin D3 2000 UI

And that’s all.