Poll: Life is beautiful! Am I insane?


How could Life could be beautiful with schizophrenia? And the question for the poll: Is life beautiful for you?

  • Yes
  • No

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Life can’t be beautiful, its a delusion, :smiling_imp:

Professor aliali, :raised_hands:


its an ok life now that my meds are ok i guess :slight_smile:


But you voted yes life is beautiful @aliali I’m confused


I’m kidding, life can be beautiful if we pay attention to it, takes many forms and full of wonders,

With respect to those who experience torture,


Nature is beautiful. Women are beautiful. Watching both of them makes me happy.


It’s life. If you have grand expectations you’ll end up being dissapointed.

If you have no expectations then everyday is a day of glory and wonder.

For everyone, sz or not, it’s finding that balance where everyday is of glory and wonder!


There is always beauty in life even if we can’t see it at first.


I feel like my life is mostly beautiful, though it does have things in it that terrorize me. There are a lot of people who live in grinding poverty, and for whom life isn’t beautiful. These people don’t even have the basic necessities, like clean water. When I was a kid they said there were three billion people on this planet, and two thirds of them lived in poverty. Now they say at least six billion live on this planet, and one third of them live in grinding poverty. Both ways, that leaves two billion people on this planet living impoverished lives without the basic necessities, like clean water.


As I see it is the matter of how much we expect from some specific thing, when we expect more than what a thing has real potency then problems begin, everything is a god but has its own scope and potency even god itself and we ourselves,

I’m not objecting you, just commenting


Lose association. It’s not what you have or what you need. It is what it is.

Nothing is gawd. Gawd is just a construct. Everything is a construct so why not do it well!

I’m old now but seen some things. Living isn’t a bad thing. It can often be an amazing thing. I’d rather that than anything else. Schizophrenia really does suck but it doesn’t define me!


You have to think it’s beautiful and see it … otherwise you need to change your thoughts


When I win the lottery I’ll change my vote!


Life used to be beautiful to me before I got on meds I’m on invega sustenna and it sucks the beauty out of life hoping it comes back when it’s out of my system


You really confused a lot of people with this.


Life sucks, I lost a few years to the disease and I feel very sad for it, cuz I tried really hard.

I’m able to do stuff but it’s very hard to wake up in the morning and deal with the voices. Sometimes in the morning I hide inside my bed sheets and say to them that I’m not there.


I go back and forth on this. Life can be beautiful but depression severely impedes my ability to find it so.


I honestly don’t know. Sometimes yes sometimes no.


Even though times are tough and life is rough, it 's still a beautiful thing.


It is beautiful sometimes and awful other times. It is okay I guess.