POLL: how much insight do you normally have during delusions?

how much insight do you normally have during delusions? 0 is no insight and 10 is complete insight

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A 6 maybe.
It depends.
Sometimes 6,
Sometimes 0

a 2… i barely have any insight when i get delusional… i also only know i am delusional because they tell me but i don’t realize it myself…

Delusions are tricky. If you could tell if they are delusions then they wouldn’t be delusions. But, after I got well, I realized that I was deluded. Looking back it is easier to say they are delusions, but when you are having them, you believe them.


If I am full blown…0…and that’s when I am terrified…will always stay on my meds…thank God.

I know when things start to go sideways. It’s still hard to stop believing something.

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I usually am aware my delusions are unlikely and might not be real, but the "what if"s keep getting to me.


I’m not aware really because it is actually real, it’s only when they take the pressure off do I doubt it, in the moment-no!


Same here. To doubt is human, to believe is divine.

I never doubted it in the moment. I told the voices I knew what they wanted. They wanted me to doubt that it was an external force.

At first did not know what was happening 0 insight, now i don’t believe them and can feel them pushing paranoia, fear, etc. Once I notice it I can let it aside.

Lately I’ve been half asleep thinking about work only to realize these visions are fake and im not at work at all

Not much insight

I had zero insight when I had delusions. I completely believed them all with a zealous certainty.

Zero insight.
Very scary

I know my way of thinking is crazy, and can sit on the couch and say to myself, you are not thinking right, then the what if and buts come

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I had no insight for first two or three years. Then I got all my insight back. No delusions since then, just voices now and then. It’s kind of like those cartoons where someone has a dental filling that picks up radio stations. Since I’m rational I don’t attribute it to anything other than a dreaming brain.

My insight varies from one delusion to the next meaning I tend to believe in some more than others. Some beliefs are in the back of my brain and some are in the forefront.

And usually with my delusions I’m like it might not be true, but then what if it is true? It just may be true! So I voted a 5.

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I voted zero as I have no insight when I’m delusional. My insight is lacking when I’m not delusional as well, but I wouldn’t rate it a zero. Maybe a three?

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