POLL: How loud do you like your music?

  • Extra Loud
  • Extra Soft
  • In Between
  • Can’t Listen Because of Symptoms

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I only need to blast music when I am “angry”. When not “angry” a fine balance is appropriate. I’ll only play music softly if I am attempting to sleep.

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Not really loud. But not in between. Kind of medium-loud :laughing:

But I voted in between.

Relaxation and meditation music I like really soft. Rock n Roll I like it loud.

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I blast music in my car and in my room.

I bet the neighbors have a sense of what my taste is music is.

I used to listen to loud music; had people complain. Now that I’m sick, loud music triggers anxiety.

I might literally go deaf one day because I use Dre ear buds and normally have my iPhone which is set on the hip hop eq to either the highest or second highest volume. It’s ok I won’t have to listen to anymore BS from the world. Ears well I spent I say!

As loud as possible. My lucky number is 41 because that was the max volume in my first car


Medium soft…

pretty loud. I just found this awesome instrumental band , egyptian metal :blush:
perfect for working out.

i find this type of music more soothing to my soul than happy music.

Most of the time-not too loud or not too soft. During the very occasional “manic”/worked up state of mind I have been known to raise the volume.

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Loud enough to hear.

Loud enough to drown out voices. Sometimes loud. Sometimes soft. Also depending on the mood. Angry music is loud.

Really loud!!! Lauryn Hill is cool.

Really loud to drown out the voices. When they’re quiet I’m more of in between.

Loud… C

Soft. Loud overwhelms me. Love music, too, but gives me a headache…if listening for too long.