POLL: How long before you started treatment?

I’m curious about something. How much time has passed between the onset of your schizophrenia (ie the first psychotic break) and the moment you started taking antipsychotics?
The vote is public.

  • Less than a month
  • Less than three month
  • Less than six months
  • Less than a year
  • Less than two years
  • More than two years

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In my case it was less than 3 months, actually 7 weeks to be exact. I consider myself lucky. My delusions didn’t have time to take root so I was able to regain my insight rather quickly.


I answered less than a month, but I made a mistake.
When I was offered treatment, I took it right away, but I had to live with my SZ for 21 years before anyone offered me treatment for it.

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10 months before taking ap’s. I was so psychotic that i was afraid to talk to someone about it, about my voices

You can change your vote, Berru… But if my math if correct, it means you were ill even as a child?? :cry:

I had it for at least 10 years before seeking treatment. I consider my first auditory hallucinations at 14 to be my first break, but I had been experiencing delusions since age 11 or so.

Yes, I was most likely born like this

Once I was diagnosed I was on meds immediately. But my mental health problems started five years before that and went untreated for that long. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, just that I heard a voice in my head and had severe panic attacks for years and mood swings and lived in fantasy world.

I was already on aps before my first psychotic episode…

I had a great hospital to go to, and a family to be able to afford everything. I was lucky.


are we counting the prodrome of the illness. not counting the prodrome about a week. counting the prodrome two or more years.

i had maybe a year of symptoms before i got help. it made me drop out of school and when i got a job i lost my job after symptoms get worse.

I’ll firstly state that I (IMO) am a borderline case re psychosis. Though I guess they must have a reason for having me on an antipsychotic.
From the first overt signs of serious mental illness to getting on an antipsychotic was about 20 months.

When are u going to post some great news again man

When I come across some.

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First major episode was 16. (I had symptoms even before that but 16 was the big breaking point) Didn’t start meds until 20.