How Long since your first onset of psychosis?

It has been about 17 years since my first psychotic episode, and I was 16/17 when it took place.

I wasn’t diagnosed as SZ then as my key worker convinced the psychiatrist that it was drug induced.

I remained on AP’s until I was 19, and then didn’t have another episode until I was 23, and that’s when they Dx’d me with SZ.

What was your story of onset? Did they hold back on the SZ label for you initially?


Depressive break at 23. Left the shrink to smoke weed till diagnosis at 29 when I went psychotic in a business of 300 people…Wasn’t smoking much weed in the end…it was inevitable but probably helped me to diagnosis.

So Depressive but paranoid overtones…That was 23.

My sz came on slowly. My first psychosis (I think) was 2008, so 12 years ago now. I hallucinated the people on the radio (in my car) laughing at me while I was going to a job (I was in IT) and had a strong urge to escape from my life. I remember driving (wildly) 30km out of town then turning around and coming home. No-one got hurt but I think I scared at least one other driver.

Don’t drive and psychosis, kids!

I didn’t know anything was wrong with me and got diagnosed 16 months or so later.

First saw pdoc while at Felsted (public school) in late 1973. Put on Anafranil . First hospitalisation in May 1975 . An on/off schizophrenia dx was given (ie sometimes ‘nervous debility’ was written on sick notes rather than schizophrenia)over the next year or so. Social anxiety came 1st of all just before I was 14. Depression followed around the age of 15. Things went really down hill after starting in lower 6th . Waking early but not wanting to get out of bed. Skipping meals.Classwork deteriorated.Suicide attempt at end of penultimate term at Felsted.

Started one day in late 2011. Haven’t recovered since. I’m on a good med combo which helps, but the negatives suck.

I was 21/22 at the time.

I think I had something my whole life. Probably anxiety, depression, and paranoia mainly from a poor childhood. My parents were dysfunctional so I ended up worse.

Two years. I’m late onset so despite my age this is all new to me. I still doubt my diagnosis

It was in October 2016 when I was diagnosed with I think it was called non organic psychosis.
I was hospitalised then and unmedicated, left the hospital feeling fine, and a week later lost insight totally again so was sectioned again.
this is still my diagnosis although I have relapsed again since then. they say it is because my ap dose is low. and they say it is not drug induced although I had taken mdma with alcohol once a few months before it started.

It took me 2/3 years after my diagnosis of SZ to actually understand anything about mental health.

The first step for me was joining the online community and I remember Pixel helped me a lot all those years ago

I recommend sticking around here as it’s peer support without all the awkwardness you get from f2f groups

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Spring - summer of 2017

Jujy 2017 ,no drugs,every summer I have similar crisis,it’s like a nightmare

About 10 years ago

My onset happened in 2018 at age 15. Almost exactly two years ago was when it all started. My goal was to make it past high school and I did, so hopefully that’ll set a precedent for the rest of my goals.

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2011, I was 20 y.o when diagnosed but I had symptoms like hearing voices since 15 y.o. I had language, other cognitive issues, and social isolation before that. I was born premature and underweight which increases sz risk and causes developmental delays like in walking, talking, eating without help, etc

Happened in October of 2014, so almost 6 years ago.

Wild to think just how much life has changed since then.

6-7 years since last hospitalized. It came in 3’s. Things got way better as time continued on

I got sick in July of 2008 so it’s been almost 12 years. It hit me late in life but hit hard. I had just turned 38.

I got the sz diagnosis in Jan of 2010 so I was 39 and a half so it took about 18 months to get the diagnosis. It was always paranoid schizophrenia though. Unfortunately it was 2014 before I actually figured out I had it and was sick.

That was a long six years. Very painful. I am in a better place now though.

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I was only stable after stopping Abilify summer 2019, started Feb 2011. I nearly died many times before that because of my symptoms, drs in the emergency said I was close to die from liver failure from a suicide attempt. Like some here who still don’t believe in science and that meds can cause life-threatening psychological side effects, I refused that my psychological problems were from meds for 9 years eventought my psychiatrist asked me if my sexuality and money spending habits weren’t affected by Abilify.

Now I only believe in meds from past experiences. All my psychological problems and addictions stopped after switching from Abilify to Latuda. Now I am on Risperdal and I even have less side effects than Latuda.

Well technically I have dealt with psychosis symptoms my whole life but my first major episode was age 16, so 9 years since then.

Almost 28 years back in 1992. I admitted I had it about a year later.

It was around the time they invented dirt.