Poll: Have you improved over the last year?

  • Improved
  • Stayed the same
  • Got worse

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I have lesser self-talk and longer attention span.

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I think I had improved. I reached my lowest of lows when I went of my meds over the summer. But as of now, I haven’t been better.

My bipolar/SZA symptoms remained the same, but my OCD symptoms worsened over the last year.

I’m a work in progress. I’ll let you know how I turn out.


It seems it’s like a see saw… some things got better… some got worse… some stuff stayed the same.

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This is really hard for me to measure, because when I improve one way I go down in another and vice versa.

Improved on many levels, actually, life changing improvements.


Improved imensely. Crawled out of depression to functionality. Very proud of myself.


Improved. Better attention span. Sleep well and sleep less. Dont feel tired all the time. Could manage daily exercise now. Could meet job requirements.

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Overall I’ve very much stayed the same.

It is hard to say. Last year has kind of dragged into this year.
For instance, I just recently finished my apartment spring cleaning.
That was my 2014’s spring cleaning, not the 2015 spring cleaning.

Things are moving really sssssllllloooowwww.


One small step for man, a giant step for mankind

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