Poll= have you got any problem with your liver so far?

  • Yes i have
  • No i don t have

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Not that I know of. I was a heavy drinker, but I’ve been off that stuff for four years.


I have a fat liver.

My regular blood work has been good. I stopped drinking lots and that helped tremendously. Alcohol is pretty bad for the body.

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Yeah. Bilirubin levels elevated, and enlarged liver. From 30 years of drinking. Get the odd liver pain too.

Enlarged red blood cells too.

I said yes, but my liver problems are all known to have been caused by alcoholism and excessive drinking when I was younger. My liver has improved, but it’s never going to be where it should be in terms of function because of this.

I had a fatty and inflamed liver. I still have a fatty liver but I’m not sure if it’s inflamed anymore.

I have a fatty liver and possible liver lesion.

I don’t know that I have anything wrong with my liver, I recently had blood work done because of runny stool and hopefully its nothing that can’t be fixed.

my liver is all good =D

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I have fatty liver but Drs said its not serious and to not worry as its stable and not severe so I don’t worry. It started when I was on 15mg Zyprexa and was eating a lot.

Mild issue I believe. I overdosed on Tylenol several years ago and as I understand, they said to watch my drinking and not to take acetaminophen for anything.

I’m not sure if I can do that stuff now because I haven’t checked with a doctor since then, but I don’t just to be safe.

I have a fatty liver

the liver can recover, with good health…its a super organ

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I’m a binge drinker.
No liver issues.