Poll=Does antipsychotic cause memory problem at you?

  • Yes its cause memory problem at me
  • No it does not cause any memory problem

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I honestly think that memory problems are more likely to be a cognitive symptom of schizophrenia than being caused by an AP. Especially if you are talking about working memory.


Keep a third option I don’t know

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And do you think aps are effective against memory problems?

I am 73 with reasonable memory.

I struggle with remembering simple things and like what I had for breakfast, but it could be from head injuries, sz, meds or a combination of those things.

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İ have no visual memory problem.but sometimes i forgot daily stuff like forget my pants zip open or forget my vallet at house etc.that kind of stuffs happens lot.

my memory is bad but i am not sure it’s cause of the APs or the sz itself…

My former pdoc of 22 years told me that my mild cognitive impairment was caused by the sza and not by the AP meds.

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I think it’s not causing the memory problem i’ts just not treating it :slight_smile:

Not exactly, but I have much less mental stamina. I used to work full time before I got ill, but now gradually I have gotten mentally fatigued which poses a problem for me at work and in big social setting where there is a lot of chatter. My mind has trouble staying focused over a long period of time, especially in hectic environments. I get confused and start making mistakes under certain conditions.