Poll: Do you think it's selfish having a kid at 50?

  • Yes
  • No

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Not me. But a person I grew up with did.

Its ok if the wife is 35-45 y.o.


I wouldn’t say it is selfish per say. But if you have babies when you are older, you would have to be aware that you MAY not enjoy all their life stages into adulthood. That would make me kind of sad if you weren’t around past their 20s or 30s.


You never know. Someone may not be able to get their finances together till they reach that age. On the other hand they would have trouble physically taking care of the child.

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The kind of fatigue that goes with having an infant is off the charts. It’s too much on a 50 year old. It’s tough on someone in their 20s let alone 50. I say no way should someone have a baby at 50.

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What I mean is the question isn’t about me. A friend I grew up with who is 50 had a kid recently.

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