Poll: Are you taking supplements to lessen the sideeffects of APs?

  • Yes i am taking supplements to lessen the side effects
  • No i am not taking any supplements

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So i preordered and received today a package of L-Tyrosine supplements which are supposed to lessen the anhedonia and lack of motvation. It seems to kinda work for me but perhaps its a placebo effect, will find out in the next week.

Is anyone of you taking supplement to improve your mood/motivation etc.? If yes, which ones? I know we have sarcosine on this site but im not sure if its the right thing for me because i was taking Xeplion. But L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP are supposedly the right supplements to help people living with sideeffects of Invega Sustena.

Where did you see this research that its supposed to help with schizophrenia?

I can’t find any evidence or research of this:

I only have comical evidence based on a ‘best’ answer for a question in yahoo.
it wasnt as so much a supplement to help with schizophrenia but to lessen the lack of motivation or anhedonia caused by antipsychotics. But even though there was no research done on it - i can say L-Tyrosine helped me feel more motivated. i want to see how good it works over an even longer time though (like a month).

I thought lack of motivation and anhedonia were symptoms of the disease, not side effects of the antipsychotics.

There are three things that look similar. That is, depression, overmedication, and the negative symptoms if schizophrenia look similar, but the appropriate response to each is different.


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It increases Dopamine? I would be worried about getting psychotic.

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Im not saying these symptoms arent caused by the disease aswell. What im saying is that the anti psychotic also contributes to the lack of motivation due to the dopamine receptors being blocked. these supplements which i am taking increase the dopamine in the brain and could potentially lead to another psychotic breakdown but since i am certain my illness wont reoccur again i am taking them to lessen the - not just sideeffect - impact of the xeplion i received. xeplion lasts for 8 months in the body after the last shot and i received mine a month ago so i have to live with another 7 months dealing with lack of motivation and anhedonia and therefore i decided to combat the effect of xeplion by increasing the dopamine. overall however L-Tyrosine is also functioning in the body aswell and improves your condition of tiredness, so you can do more and not get weary.

If you think it is dangerous that i ‘promote’ dopamine increasing supplements then please delete the first paragraph of my post and the last 2 sentences.