L-theanine , Sarcosine & NAC

I take small amounts. And they do have benefit.

But do not ‘replace’ your AP , supplement or augment.


Good to hear. What exactly do you see are the benefits for you?

Quieter mind & less tactile feelings of anxiety


I’ve become a big l-theanine convert. It’s got me off benzos.


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Wonder if this would help my son if he is not on any AP?

Does he suffer from the negative symptoms much? I think these supplements help people help irrespective of whether a person is taking medications or not. The focus is on the negative symptoms - lack of social interest, difficulty getting motivated to do anything, difficulty focusing, etc.

Just ordered all three again. Should be here in a week.

Negative symptoms-not so bad.
Paranoia and delusions pretty bad.
My sis sent him lysine? He was taking it, but said he woke up feeling like he had glue in his mouth.
Well, he gets pretty motivated when he wants to buy new shoes or clothes! But his delusions are so bad its hard to have a conversation. He goes into his bedroom to yell at a voice-then comes back out. He is always irritable-but cant get him on meds. I think the Prolixin he was on scared him. He was having seizures from the injections and can`t get him to try anything else!
Sorry-got carried away there!