POLL: are nurse practitioners, for mental health, adequate alternatives to doctors?

  • they are adequate alternatives
  • they are not adequate alternatives

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No. They often have more biases than drs do imo

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They are not adequate as complete substitutes, of course. Not for meds or complicated diagnostic evaluations, for instance. But for therapy and support, they can be just as good as anyone else. They also offer their own unique knowledge and skills, just like other mental health professionals, so they are not just a less-than-adequate substitute for doctors.

I’ve mostly been happy with the nurses I’ve seen for treatment. More so than with the doctors.

Here we only have psychiatrists and family Drs. Family Drs can renew psychiatric meds but not change them.

My p.sz son died of suicide under the care of a psychiatric nurse practitioner. So, no. I don’t think they are the least bit adequate. We need pdocs.


It depends on who it is and how well they do their job.

I think if you’re reasonably stable-yes. However they need to be quickly available if things slide. At my last place I was switched to one who soon after was off sick for 6-12 months.

I see a nurse practitioner.

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I have seen PNPs in place of Pdocs before and noticed no difference in the quality of my treatment. In my state, PNPs can practice psychiatry on the same level as a pdoc.


I see a NP and it’s the best care I’ve ever received.

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I’ve never seen a Nurse Practitioner before, but my father has.
I don’t think that they make excellent substitutes to psychiatrists.
If you can’t access a psychiatrist then they are adequate.

I think Np are better listeners imo than pdocs. Better bedside manner too.

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