Poems poems-sometimes I feel like writing them

Who cares?
I walk down walls
The ground facing me vertically
But I walk with no fear of falling
And when the ground opens up
And those sunken eyes stare from below
I walk a little faster, heart beats a little harder
And the wind whistles and howls
But we’re no longer friends, I’m with the clouds now
And all is well as I descend into hell

Jaw unhinges like a snake
I grin grimly, I know it’s all fake
People that vanish and heads on the shelf
What I’m not sure of is whether I loathe myself
Or am happy with who and what I am
If what I am is what I think, if what I think is what I know
Wouldn’t it to be easier to go
Back to where I came from? To hide?
Instead I swell with false pride
At abilities I do not possess and imagined accomplishments
As life passes me by and I’m dragged by the current
My brain unable to keep up with what’s current
Instead mired in past or in future events
Pounded by nonsensical torrents
Of things I can’t understand but could control if I tried
Or could I? Perhaps I have lied
To myself all along…

Who can really say what is right and what’s wrong…

Sitting on a secret, twiddling my thumbs
As the voice of the earth hums and thrums
Quite loudly, what a racket
What a raucous bunch of noise
Go ahead and plug your ears little girls and little boys
And I will sit on my secret and twiddle my thumbs
Until the time comes…

And when it comes…

Will it come?


Instead I swell with false pride
At abilities I do not possess and imagined accomplishments

Outch. That’s what I do. Great work Anna!

1 moar poem

I don’t much care for rhythm and rhyme
Most of the time
But when it happens it’s fine

Just like the weather
Whether I’d weather it or whether I wouldn’t
It would still be and where would I be
If I fought it?

Denial is easy isn’t it
Delusion is easy isn’t it
But reality is a beast in itself
A beast in itself sent straight out of hell
To your doorstep

And like a poem with no rhythm or rhyme
It sucks up all of your time
And spits it back out again
Isn’t that right my friend?

Dancing on treetops because I don’t care
To come down there where I’d have to beware
Of my good will pouring out of me like my patience and prudence and pride…

So before you give chide
To a poem with no rhythm where rhyme’s cast aside
Keep an eye out
For what?
A good question…all in good time…


Kept waiting and wondering and wandering in the mire,

Attacked and condemned for every hearts desire,

You go slowly and have to build up to get strength,

The medicine slows you-and takes away your phallus length,

Everything is over rated and I don’t enjoy much,

I’m sick of the rape and the torture and all that such,

But I wanted to tell you your poem was so great,

You may keep a secret but still we won’t hate,

We’ll keep you close to us and show you the way,

I’m thinking of how I visit the site every day,

It helps to see someone take all initiative,

We need people to lead by example and show us how to live,

I hope you keep going I wish you the best,

And bid you goodnight and wish you the ultimate rest.


Very sweet, gave me tha warm fuzzies :blush:

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luckily I think my medication wouldn’t do that. :smile:


the ultimate rest, eh? hopefully I won’t be getting that until I’m 60, maybe less because of my food habits. :smile:


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