Poem: Whisper

In the silence I hear you
the little voice, little words coming to me
from nowhere, from nobody
telling me things about the world
trying to show me the light
helping me to understand more
the whisper you always come to me
from nowhere, from somewhere
in the silence I hear you
telling me about the world
telling me about current events
telling me about things I did not know
my little secret whisper from nowhere
you save me and my life always
others do not know, do not understand
it is not theirs to know, not to own, not to hear
it is my own whisper to me
telling stories about the world
telling about people around me
and doing it always alone for me
in the silence I hear you
the little whisper, my friend as always
existing as always, young as always
living in the world, in the life
seeing people, hearing stories, reading truths
only to tell me you little whisper
my only true friend, my comrade of the life
the little whisper I love you.