Poem: Twisted Whispers

A poem I wrote about my voices…


We’re watching you
From behind secret veils
We’re watching you
You’re a hypocrite and a liar
Something bad’s going to happen to you
Shut up shut up!
What a mess
Stuck in my thoughts an alien thought
An alien voice, a devil
Threatening my peace
Lies all lies he says
Lies all lies I say
Until I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong
Laughing laughing laughing
Mocking me
Liar you liar
Fake Fake Fake!
Twisting and turning
Shaking and groaning
Go away Liar Liar Liar
Go away!
Peace, how I seek peace
No more mocking, no more lies
Truth evades me
Truth, how I seek peace and
Peace is waiting beyond the film of whispers
Waiting for me, calling me
I hear, I seek
Come peace come