Poem I wrote

“Town Drunk”

I have a story to tell you
about a lost generation
a generation with no fathers
in their minds

I used to be the town drunk
until I found a hole in my brain
laughing in the grass
that’s me over there!

Now I come home
to a room without a view
and a cat that loves me
more than I love myself

Long lonely nights
cigarette after cigarette
trying to cop a plan
out of this city
and the Doors playing

This is the hospital
it’s just a different setting

But somewhere in the midst of all this
I am happy.


Very well written poem @azteccelt

This line made me sad although I can identify with it so much (in my case it would say dog)

and the ending of the poem left me feeling happy for you :slight_smile: :heart:

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Ty for sharing this

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You’re telling us something we need to hear that you must say

Thanks for the share like how it’s written

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Thank you all for the kind responses.

@Moonbeam I’m happy the poem left you feeling good. I tried reflecting the ups and downs of this illness in it.

Take care. :slight_smile:

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