A poem (free style) kind of

full blown
sinking stone
no hope
no life
no working zone
crazy, lazy, full blown

i wish
but what?
a life
not this mental knot
a cradle for my thoughts
i wish but i have not
a cry for what i have not got
i cry for what is sought

this life
so dear to me
my brain
a fantasy
my thoughts
a recurring dream
why me i say, why not it seems
my life, my dreams

my soul
an empty hole
my spirit
a shadow of myself
my god the shining sun
lift me up, dont be an echo on the wall
lift me up to your eternal gaze
your love, my goal.


I like the style of this. Nice work.

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Daydreamer this is really a beautiful poem…and it so accurately portrays what each of us with this disease faces.

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I love your poem, if you have others please, post these too … I have many poems but these are in Finnish …

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thank you very much :slight_smile: i really enjoyed writing this, its really nice to get some feedback :thumbsup: x

absolutely beautiful.

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