Poem: Friends

The friendship
the most important thing
but now you are gone
Jarmo, a lawyer, you drank yourself to death
Kari, you died too few months after visiting me
Timo, you drank beer the evening before you hang yourself
Lars, the problem man, your father tried to save you, but you are gone
Sini, the most beautiful girl, you made your choices, alcohol and meds
Keijo, the religious man, died after visiting us
Antti, cancer took you away as did your wife’s life
Petteri, my childhood friend, you passed away suddenly
Petteri, your mother was buried few years earlier
so many other friends, gone, but not forgotten
passed away, buried
the life continues
still few friends left, living
not seen for a while
changing the world
living our lives, some better, some worse
so many deaths, some still living
the death nearly visited my soul too
survived, living, telling the story
yours, mine, ours
memories shall survive
telling the story of survival
for the children of yours
hopefully for many decades
gone away, but not forgotten
you survived - in my mind, in my heart
the life continues.

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