Plz help my teenage schizophrenic brother

hello , i have a brother who is diagnosed with schizophrenia .its been 9 months,he is going to be 17 soon.he was first kinda catatonic.doc prescribed him risperdal 2mg.his hallucinations were of big insects crawling all over the place.there was a bit of improvement but he started to laugh and talk by another doc gave him zyprexa zydis 10mg.he has been on these meds ever since(round about march this year)but now he is chain smoker and laughs all day.when asked are there any voices , he denies and says that he just thinks about girls and make situations in his head,he believes those girls can feel his thoughts.its as if medications stop working? he was improving but now he is probabaly 10% better than before,plz guide me if someone had experience of meds kinda stop working like this???

There’s a family forum you may find better help there…but invite your brother to join this one…its helpful…

my brother denies he has problems.he would never join it instead he would just be madd at me for even suggestng so.

kindly post the link

Well anyways…the mods will close your thread and suggest you to ask on the family forum. Rather than here. Good luck to your and your bro.

ok thanks i will rather post there.

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Ahh I’m sorry…everyone reacts differently…maybe just remember were here and maybe the time will be right one day where he would enjoy the forum…as far as the meds go everyone reacts differently…sadly if your brother isn’t open and honest with his docs he may not be receiving the full potential of the help available…

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thanks ,i hope so,