Please someone tell me its alright and that I got this

I can feel paranoid thoughts trying to sneak in. Irrational thoughts, thoughts that I havent had to really worry about in a long time. I’m so scared of what happens if I accidentally let them in. I’m scared that they might not go away then. Doing my best to push them away and keep them from sticking. It’s hard, today is hard. I just need to get through today, tomorrow will be better. I know I’ll feel better tomorrow if I can get past today.


Concentrate on the moment. You will get through this because you are strong!

It’s alright.

You got this.



Try to keep that door closed. It’s better that way.

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I know this feeling relly well. Best thing u can do is distract urself and keep changing ur thoughts everytime these thoughts come in. They should pass eventually.

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Have you slept well recently? You got this. Sometimes good rest goes a long way to help prevent paychosis.


Positivity to counteract and cancel out the negative! :wink:


I feel paranoid all the time pretty much so I know what you’re saying. I just try to stay grounded in what I believe to be reality.

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