Please only Post "Schizophrenia-related" news in the news section

Thanks - we want to keep the news focused on what this site is focused on.


I’m no expert but it seems to me like this post might belong in the meta section.

I totally agree with this.
Schizophrenia related news only.

Suggestion: Rename it to “Schizophrenia News”

Making it obvious will cut down on the off-topic posts by, oh, 10%.



I was thinking the same thing.

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Can we post other news in the lounge section?

Also there’s not a lot of schizophrenia related news… if we followed that rule the section would be kinda dead.

Unless someone has a “schizophrenia cure invented” news article, I don’t see much point in it.

I’ll definitely follow the rule though, I am so happy you guys fund this site so it is the least I can do.

I had a similar thought that there would be less mistakes if it was named that.

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