Please delete my account

I don’t feel good anymore.

Just take a break from the forum until you are feeling better, Rox.


Follow these steps.

I’m sorry to hear that @roxanna. Good luck with whatever you do.

You should make it so you can instantly delete your account. I feel this would add to transparency as social media is often addictive and adds to depression for people. For instance, I had to delete facebook and it takes a month for them to actually delete the account. So if your account was hacked oh well. so if you have security concerns oh well. same with banks. I hate the whole system and there’s no accountability for providers online. They don’t help. I just gave up trying to delete my social media.

It’s not like ANY OF that information is ever deleted. It’s all stored by your internet provider and all these random databases etc. only hackers and trolls get away with anything and the people who are tracked by advertisements are tired of this system.

Can you delete my account too?

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I can’t change the system. It’s done that way for a reason, which is explained in the post I made. If you want yours deleted, you’ll have to do the same thing. In 2 weeks come back and let me know you did so and your account will be anonymized.

@roxanna oh please don’t leave !! I need to know you’re o k !! please reconsider…you are a valuable poster here…!!


I’m alright. I’ll stay.


yayyyy !! you scared me…you need this place to be honest as much trouble as you’ve had being stable…?

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@Gabzgrl and @roxanna I hope you decide to stay. I will miss you.


thank you that means a lot to me.


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