Please convert to the metric system


Well, I’m not American. I’m Australian. So it is kind of hard to deny. America should have converted decades ago when it would have been easier.


Hey @77nick77

Are you feeling okay tonight? I feel that there is something that’s bothering you. Not counting this thread. I hope you’re okay.


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I’m tired, I had a tough day. Maybe that’s the problem but I didn’t realize I was coming across as having something bothering me. I’m going to bed soon anyways, as I have stuff to do tomorrow. But I’m fine.

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No malice intended. Please get yourself a good rest. Take care dude.


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Now we could argue over that all day! :wink:


They actually teach metric in school here. I remember learning. All our major math relies on it.

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Dude, so is yours. Different cultures have different values.

Maybe it’s time to give an inch here?


Edit: Seriously, is anyone in the U.K. going to walk into a pub and ask for 568ml? I think not. “Barkeep, gimme a pint!”


Maybe I’m too grumpy in the morning. The last thing I am is a patriot, though. Patriotism of all kinds really grinds my gears, but I can see how that itself can come off as patriotism when arguing like this.


We just ask for beer.


@Treebeard knows best

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Edit: I just realized we’re breaking a rule…

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I’m gonna piggyback on something @Treebeard mentioned. I’ve never understood “national pride.” Pride should come from something you accomplished (i.e., completing schooling, rebuilding an engine for the first time, etc), not something that’s a geographical accident. “Proud to be an American?” Be happy to be an American. Happy is fine. Too much pride in the world. Pride goeth before the fall. I don’t wanna delve into politics, but I’ll just say reference the map above of metric vs IS and ask yourself if you sincerely think America’s got it right and the virtual rest of the world is wrong and full of dummies. Or is there another factor at play here? Something to ponder for some, I suppose.

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i edited it like 2 seconds later before you even posted that lol


Duane says y’all need a beer.


Only one? Amateur.


I don’t think the rest of the world is wrong or dummies. I just think we tried to convert and it didn’t work. I don’t know why we failed. And honestly, I think the higher ups really, really wanted to convert but for some reason we gave up.

National pride? I don’t subscribe to; “My country, right or wrong”. But when someone insults the U.S. I might stick up for it.
Sorry @alien99, this is not directed at you but my argument last night with @Treebeard left a bad taste in mouth and this is more directed at him. In fact, welcome back; long time, no see. I hope you are doing OK.


Hiya Nick. I’m doing quite well, thank you. And you? I wasn’t singling you out brother, just making an encompassing statement. For everyone’s benefit and a bit of clarity, here’s an excellent article regarding the US’s bond to IS:


Cause a person with big feet eats more as person with small feet. I get a 1/2 foot long breadroll please.:smiley:


You’re 1% right :slight_smile:

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OK! Let me just press this bread roll against the sole of your feet so I know where to slice it…