Please be Civil and Supportive!

Like this place isn’t so bad these days and that is cool.

As someone who lived through the dark ages where moderation was pretty loose it still amazes me just how inclusive this website has always been.

Yeah I’ve fought tooth and nail with people but much of that was other things and nothing to do with gender or your sexual preference. We really were way ahead of our times and that is something to be proud about!

I’m not calling out anyone and I think that is totally inappropriate. I’m not saying I’m any angel as I’ve served some long bans here and I’ve returned and gotten over my hurt. All’s I’m saying is that the world is changing for the better. It’s no longer a world where lgbti peeps are excluded. They never have here before whilst I’ve been using the site and that is something to be proud about.

It’s a strange world these days and this isn’t a political statement as such but the right doesn’t like people who are different. Please. We don’t want to be like that and we have always included others and that makes this site so good.

As an old ■■■■■■■ who has called out many a person and fought like a bastardo. Lets get back to be being civil and supportive. You don’t have to like people or their agenda. You don’t like it don’t respond to those posts and just do your thing. It’s far more important to be a good human being and seeing outside your worlds and acknowledging that others are different but you respect them.

Please. Be respectful. There’s people here who don’t agree with me. I don’t need to fight them just because they are different!

My two cents!


This site is way above the rest of the internet in my estimations. Even when things go wrong, it’s still full of supportive people who do their best online to help others.

If there are disagreements, that’s fine. Better to have out with it than let the site be full of backstabbing and passive aggressive posts!


Yeah a lot of why it’s successful is the moderation. It’s all good. Just some things I saw today were a bit over the line. We need moderation. Shite. I still get a weeks ban from @anon9798425 for dissing on therapy either though it’s totally taken out of context but still.

You have to accept that it’s a moderated place and it’s so much better for the community. It really is. Lets be nice to each other and all is good! :slight_smile:


Therapy doesn’t work for everybody. I hated it and didn’t find it helpful at all. That doesn’t mean someone else might find it useful. Each to their own and all that. You can be your own therapist.

What did you see? I have not come across anything bad this morning.