Me and kitty's little secret

This is goofy, but I think that anyone who loves their pet will understand. A while back, my kitty was on the counter in the kitchen (which is against my girlfriend’s rules), after my girlfriend had gone to bed. Without thinking about it much, I turned on the water to just a trickle and turned the faucet towards him so he could drink. He figured it out in an instant, I let him drink until he was happy, and then I shooed him off the counter. Afterwards, he became obsessed with drinking from the tap. For a while, he made the deadly mistake of jumping on the kitchen counter when my girlfriend was in the room and every time he got an earful until he got down. Most of the time I would walk down the hall to my bathroom, turn on the water in there, and he would come and drink. But the kitchen was his favorite. After a week or two, he figured out that he could only do it when my girlfriend left the living room or after she had gone to bed. He even knows to get down afterwards without me having to raise my voice towards him. I actually think my whispering on these occasions helped him figure out that we had to be sneaky. Now, the minute she’s done watching TV at night, he is up on the counter to enjoy his forbidden pleasure. If I’m on the computer, he lets me know that he wants something, and we’re both off to the kitchen sink for another drink. If my girlfriend knew what I’ve been doing, she’d be furious. But I figure what she doesn’t know wont hurt her (although this is rarely actually true). It’s just something new for me and my beloved kitty-boy to enjoy together, just me and him. Does anyone else do something special with their pets, secret or otherwise, that gives them the same feeling of bonding?


When I had my dog my mom would not allow her on the couches every time she jumped on my mom would yell at her to get off. When my mom wasn’t home I would pick her up and put her on the couch with me and sleep. My dog quickly learned that while mom was home no couches but when she was gone FREEDOM!! Lol I miss her.


It’s so nice to have a cat as pet. Cats are intelligent animals and they understand well what their master like them to do or not. I told my husband I wanted to adopt a cat. My husband said we didn’t have a backyard for the cat to play around as we live in a flat. That’s why I changed my mind and bought fish.

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