Played 5 hrs of video games today

Played a lot of league of legends, back on trintellix, its really wonderful


Nice! :smiley: I’m jealous. I hope to be able to play video games, by myself, again. I just can’t get engaged enough, nowadays.

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The deal is I am trying to quit smoking, so im using nicorette spray and playing


Update: 7 hours so far


If I ever want to quit smoking I’m gonna have to throw myself into gaming even moreso, at least temporarily.

The problem is I play Skyrim and every time I finish a quest or two it feels like a natural stopping point to smoke. I have to find a way to break that cycle, I don’t want cancer or heart disease.

I’m glad you’re able to enjoy games. I go back and forth on that one, my recent AP dose reduction seems to have made me more lively and motivated in general.


Have you tried nicotine replacememt therapy?


The patches make me nauseous and light headed. I’ve considered getting smaller ones.

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You are lucky thag patches work for you, I could apply 3 strongest patches and i wont feel anything lol


@Newlyborn That Simpsons episode where Krusty the clown is desperately licking a nicotine patch and ends up with them all over his body, that’s me. I found that nicotine lozenges worked a lot better for me. The gum I had a hard time figuring out because it felt weird to just have a wad of gum sitting on my gums, but the lozenges can be fairly small.

I quit nicotine for almost a decade but started again when crap hit the fan. Now I just vape.


I dont play much, i’m not a gamer,

I would like to play something but my eyes are very sensitive and they get sore if i’m focusing intently on the screen


Playing games has helped me kicked my smoking habit.Now I don’t play a lot anymore,and I have stopped smoking for a year and half

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Good but you have to have purpose if league of legends is your thing that’s cool

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The last game I got sucked into was Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. I play as The Spartan Federation by default, it’s a tonne of fun

My favorite is building up a massive military and then using it to bully the other factions. Diplomatic victory as the militaristic faction just feels so GOOD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Resilient1 I actually really enjoy knitting, it can have sort of a meditative zen effect when I get into it. It’s a nice level of “requires some concentration but you don’t need to be totally mentally on your game” to do it. And when I was seriously struggling with some health problems it felt really good to be like, “I knitted another couple inches on the thing that I’m making today, I’m making progress!” It was a much needed boost to my self-esteem when I wasn’t capable of getting much done, it made such a difference to me to have tangible things that I made that I could be proud of. “You see this hat with lumpy dinosaur spikes? I MADE this.”

Knitting might not appeal, although there are lots of cool male patterns on and there’s plenty of guys who knit. But maybe if screens are a problem there’s small arts and crafts type projects that can work instead?

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Thanks Rock, I knitted a line or two on a square for a blanket with a knitting group at my mi clubhouse a while back but i dont think its for me, i get a little anxious bc it seems to take too long, i tried a little needle work a month or two back and i liked that.

My time is pretty full atm though

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Yeah, knitting is a long ball game. When I was in a possible manic state I bought enough yarn to knit a full sized blanket. I had big plans!

Busy is good, good for you. I’m impressed.

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I just got my new Nintendo switch. Zelda is awesome. I played the whole night. I’m getting mortal combat next week.

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