Plasma levels?

I stared clozapine a couple weeks ago and my question is that what’s plasma levels ? I’ve had my bloods done eveyweek to check my white blood cells and that’s been fine. Is 300mg of clozapine a good dose and it will it keep my stable?

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Only you and your psychiatrist know. Plasma level I think its the white blood cells or meds amount in the blood?

It tells you how much of the AP is in your system. Because people metabolize it at different rates it is important to measure the plasma levels in the beginning. I have done it many times.


I was Clozapine for 8 years at 200mg. I thought I was stable because I heard 0 voices. Also, I am not a doctor so don’t know if it is a good dose for you. Unfortunately I had zero insight on the stuff and didn’t think I was ill. (a psychotic symptom).

I relapsed after that amount of time in recovery. A lot of people do well on that med and for me it absolutely ameliorated voices. I was still a quite delusional though. I forget what the maximum dose is, but I do believe you can go up to 800 or 900mg! So it is good to know there is room for adjustments.

I would recommend following all your Psychiatrists directions about it and give it a chance to work. As far as I know it is the “Gold Standard” of AP’s.