Plans for Today

To breath the free air with no paranoia and stay indoors because Seahawks are at the super bowl.

My town has exploded right now with horns and people hanging out of their Seahawks trucks going “WEEEWWWWWWW 12TH MAN!”

All the food is dyed blue and green for Seahawks. I am so sick of seeing blue food in the markets. I’m glad the town is having some fun. But the constant people just screaming out of their cars is making me twitchy.

It’s more busy then Christmas every where. I am on my little beach point and going to stay away from the noise and the screaming. When Kick off happens all of Seattle will be still. Many shops are closing early today so my sis and I who are Sounders fans can go and play in the park in peace.

If seahawks win, it’s going to get chaotic. If seahawks loose, it’s going to get chaotic.

I’m staying home in the rain.

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Yeah I can only imagine what kind of shizstorm is brewing in your town. I actually have some family in Seattle, I wonder what they are doing right now. Taking advantage of people being indoors during the game is a good idea, I would love to go outdoors but it rained again here!

If the noise really bothers you, I would just put on some headphones and listen to music or watch a series or a movie. I used to use my headphones to combat the voices, I blasted slipknot on my headphones for an hour before leaving to the gym to clear my head…I think that must sound absurd but it overpowered the voices and got me ready to go out into public despite my extreme paranoia.

Or try people-watching, sit outside and watch the idiots be themselves!

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My plans today is seeing a good friend at a coffee shop.

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oh man! i can’t imagine! fourth of july and new years people are crazy enough for me good luck and power through! Today i plan on getting a heater and new thermometer for my fishtank. just got some new additions yesterday, and my lil guy doesnt look lonely anymore. and they’re on sale…who knows how many i come home with lol

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Who is in your fish tank?

mine is a salt water and I’m a fan of Blue Tangs and some Puffers. My sis HAD to get me a clown fish. Yes she named it Nemo. :expressionless:

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Hehe oh groan

I have always wanted a saltwater tank but I have always had good luck with tropical tanks. When I get a house it would be fun to have a nice saltwater set up someday. I got a 55 gal tank from a roommate that left and it has a pleco in it 2 dinosaur bichirs, and now it has 5 large danios. I added four babies from the store last night because my lone danio was bored. He seems happier to have a school now.
My old coworker gave me a 35 gallon tank and it has an African reed fish in it a pleco and 5 or six mollies, there were only two and a baby and the two adults were fighting now that there is a school, they all chill and bobble around together

How difficult is care for a saltwater tank?

How bad would it be if I said I have to ask my sis? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is another thing I’m going to have to learn to take care of.

Lol that’s why I’m intimidated by saltwater tanks!