Pissed myself on Clozapine

Hello, yesterday I pissed myself while sleeping. This has occured twice in the last 2 weeks. I have been on Clozapine for a month now. Has anyone else had this side effect and if yes, is there a way to counter it?

I on clozapine and I have to put disposable sheets on bed at night

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What dose are u on?

I pissed the bed all my life ever since I was 18 years old. Not every night but frequently enough. My psychosis started at age 17. I didn’t quit peeing the bed until my psychosis ended at age 56. I am 59 now. I wasn’t on any AP’s from age 17 to age 31.

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It happens to me. I just put an extra blanket down :squid::squid::squid:

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600 mg Of Quetiapine used to do that to me. I used to wear an incontinance nappy in bed. Never been on Clozapine tho. I know not to have any fluids a couple of hours before bed now.

Im tolerant to it now tho - so i usually wake up now when i have to wee.

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Who wets a bed should try to go on amitriptyline

The dose I am on is 350mg

How would an antidepressant prevent peeing myself while I sleep? Have you had this problem and if yes, did this antidepressant work to stop bed wetting?

I pissed my bed on 16 mg of haldol.

Amitriptyline has urine retention as a side effect

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I crapped my pants on 4mg of risperidone :slight_smile:

Yes, I wet the bed on clozapine 275mg or more. I used to wear adult diapers.

Now im on clozapine 175mg. I dont have that side effect.