Pink Floyd in 1995

I lived in a “board & care home” from 1990-1995. It probably goes by different names in different states but it was basically a group home for men. There was usually about 12 to 13 clients clients living there at any given time. It was not really a bad place to live, I felt pretty safe and comfortable there. One thing I didn’t like was that the owners didn’t allow any clients to own cars. So I took the bus everywhere for 5 years.

The turnover rate wasn’t that high. But after l had been there about four years a new guy moved in. The guy was probably about my age which at that time was 35 years old. The guy was pretty smart, he literally had a Ph.D. The owners were impressed by this guy and so they made an exception in his case and they let him own a car. In 5 years he was the only guy they let have a car. Anyway’s this guy got tickets to see Pink Floyd in concert and he invited me to go.

I can’t remember why he asked me out of all the people there because we were really not that close. But he asked me so I said yes and we drove up to Oakland to see them We had pretty good seats and the concert was going fine and I was having a good time and they were playing all my favorites like, “Wish You Were Here”, “Time” “Welcome to the Machine”, “Breath”.

But the money song I was waiting for was “Money”. At that time it was probably the closest thing to a pop hit that Pink Floyd had. I may be wrong about this, I’m not a 100% sure. But I was anticipating this song for the whole concert. Well, about an hour into the show, I needed to use the restroom so I got up and went looking for the john. By the way, neither one of us was drinking or doing drugs. I had four years of total sobriety and he didn’t do drugs.But so I waited an hour to hear “Money” and wouldn’t you know it, while I was using the restroom they played “Money”!!! Darn.


I loooove to read your stories. There is something about it that makes it more than just a narration. Have I told you this before?:relieved:


You have mentioned before that you like my stories. So thanks.

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That’s a bummer Bro!

An old friend of mine and I used to listen to Pink Floyd’s the Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here a lot.

And for a little secret, I love the Division Bell :smiley:

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Yes yes very underrated pink floyd album

a great day for freedom
what do you want from me

Only division bell stuff I have heard is from the pulse album. Like that. Is high hopes on division bell?

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Yeah it is another good one

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That must of been an excellent concert! I really love the Floyd songs “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb”.

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I guess that story about you on the toilet should have had the thread title…

“The Dark Side of the Moon”

(rim shot)


@turningthepage Much agreed. High Hopes and Lost for Words, two songs that got me through some tough times.

Take care.