Pills making food taste bland?

This was mentioned as a possible factor in my brother’s latest email . He’s on Olanzapine and ? an antidepressant .

Have any of you noticed your food tasting more bland since being on antipsychotics ?

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Haven’t noticed this myself. Does he still experience this when he properly season his food?

He’s an ex commis chef/waiter so is well versed when it comes to seasoning food .

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On olanzapine i craved sugar bad bad i think it might have messed with my taste buds !!

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oh no @firemonkey, food is one of my great loves in life (despite being on ap’s & anti-depressants, so have to restrict my food intake) so I’m sad to hear anyone is missing out on flavour.

No, I have no reduction in taste since being on ap’s.

But there are good options on hand!

I’m a good cook and favour punchy flavours… wasabi is a green, Japanaese horseradish paste that packs a punch! It has flavour & heat. I also love chillies…mild, hot, you name it I’m up for it & don’t mind blowing my nose, they have flavour & heat. You have to cook from scratch to enjoy them. Then there is Braggs Liquid Aminos for saltiness, or, less healthy versions, soy sauces. Closely related there’s Worcestershire sauce which I’m sure you know about as a UK chap. Plenty of flavour.

Does your brother cook from scratch? I do & despite SZ and ap’s I enjoy big, punchy flavours. I cook from scratch so can only recommend that your brother try that. It’s fun shopping for raw ingredients, they’re cheap & it gives colour to your day to seek them out.


Haven’t heard this but it’s been noted as you get older. Not sure of the correlation but might be worth following up in case it’s something different or weird. I tend to get weird things going wrong with me so I always go to a doc to check things out.

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He normally does, but his cooker bit the dust recently . He’s waiting for our sister to help him get a new one .

The sweetness factor . I had mentioned to my brother my coffee can vary quite a lot as to sweetness . He drinks more tea than coffee. His reply was-

I know exactly what you mean about taste i often find my cup of tea tastes too sweet i blame this on my pills and the effect of them at other times my tea isn’t sweet enough !

I can’t smell things very well unless my nose is really up close or smells really bad, this also makes some food taste more bland to me but I think it has more to do with my nose than anything else

Does he smoke? Smoking effects your sense of taste.

He’s currently struggling to give up . Stress has him reaching for a cigarette . He had 2 yesterday .