All food (except junk food) tastes bland to me

Does anyone else have this issue? I find food really unpalatable so I just end up eating junk food.

This might be due to abilify but i was just wondering if others had this issue.

I obviously can’t go back on a calorie controlled diet like this as it would be futile.

Never had that experience.
Some APs might affect taste buds though never heard about it.

This is pretty interesting.

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I’m on ability and I crave junk and carbs all the time.


Maybe because junk food makes you happy. I can relate because drinking tea is making me happy and content.

Me personally I really love homemade food. I am not a fan of junk food, it makes me sick in large quantities. Maybe try making a healthy version of junk food at home if you have time. Like homemade pizza and homemade burger etc. Grill the chicken instead of frying and bake potatoes etc?

Which foods taste bland?


When I was on Abilify pills, I used to eat so much. It was uncontrollable. It changed me to another person.


Actually I think it’s just meat. I think I’ve gone off meat. I just had a plate of microwave frenchfries,beans and toast and it wasn’t too bad.

I’ll order some pasta next time with my groceries.

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yeah the only meat which actually tastes good to me is a very expensive steakhouse where they grill the meat on the charcoal and it comes with seasoned grilled vegetables. It is rare to actually find good tasting meat which does not require dinosaur jaws to chew it.

I am hungry!!

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Meat started tasting really bland to me immediately before I turned vegetarian. That was eons ago. I was vegetarian for about 4 years but I could never keep my iron levels high enough to function properly and I couldn’t be doing with supplements.

So eventually I went back on meat. The whole time I was vegetarian I was cooking meat for Mr Turtle and he always said I was doing a good job, I was experimenting with different meat recipes.

When I finally ate meat for the first time in years it tasted magnificent.

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If you eat too much junk food other foods will taste bland. You have to sort of reset your taste buds. But if it’s just meat, I totally understand. I’m not a big fan of meat either. It just never does it for me.


Do you smoke by chance? Smoking does effect your tastebuds I’m pretty sure. My mum said when she quit smoking she could taste food again and she didn’t even know what she was missing

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I vape an ecig. But don’t smoke cigarettes. So it’s probably not that :thinking:

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I kind of agree.
Junk food or foods that are not so healthy are the tastiest.

Man I’m getting fat!

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I eat quite a lot but I can’t say most food excites my taste buds.

I am going out to eat a burger today. This special place we go is famous for their burgers and they have one with avocado. I hope they have a place for us though.


I just had a bowl of farm al porrage. Now im full and feeling good.

Look up doing a reboot. Supposedly broccoli and fruit will taste amazing after that.

Are you psychotic right now? All food tasted bland to me too when I was acutely psychotic.