Anxiety question

When I get anxiety I don’t get physical symptoms. Do you get physical symptoms?

I get racing heart

Yes mostly physical symptoms.

No I don’t get physical symptoms.

A racing heart would be hard for me to cope with

I’d venture to say that makes you (lucky?), although I’m not so far from thinking it might bring more hel l to you on the inside to take a different perspective.

I pace, atleast for more cold water, bite my nails, (I used) to pick my head, I smoke, etc.

It’s all because I’ve had threats levied to me in my past and they were hard to think my way out of as a Sz. It makes me have a baseline of “excitement” where excitement could be thought of as something less than ideal.

I brought up PTSD once but was only given Ativan, which I beat easily bc depressants aren’t my weakness apparently. And either way there just isn’t much out there for PTSD last time I checked.

Yes when I get anxiety I get a lot of physical symptoms…

Racing bouncy heart
Lump in throat
Shaking hands
Sweat under arms
Cold hands and feet
Tight chest

It depends on how long the attack lasts. The longer it lasts, the more symptoms I get.

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