Better physical health returning after med change

So zyprexa is off my plate. My blood sugar is much lower than it was while I was taking it seems. I test it daily now. My bean is still being worked on with new meds to me. I was feeling very bummed this morning and yesterday and my doc prescribed lithium for my mood swings…

Well, I’m 40 and I did well on zyprexa for years but its time to move on.

Ive got a gig lined up for the recovery fair. Ive accomplished good stuff over the years and again I’m taking steps. Thanks, all you guys and the support you’ve given. moderators and members


The med’s do have a dulling effect, but for most of us they’re needed to control symptoms. It’s easy to resent the med’s because they take away so much vigor, but personally, I couldn’t live without them. There’s a good chance I would be dead if I tried that.

Likewise @crimby

So as is I’m taking, vraylar, lamictal and lithium for head meds