People with schizophrenia can exhibit a mild confusion or clumsiness

Makes sense to me. I might be confused though.

I don’t really understand this are they insinuating that something like wide or narrow eyes can cause schizophrenia, but there’ no proof? What the heck.

Subtle minor physical features, such as a highly arched palate, wide or narrow set eyes, cuspidal ears (ears with angled ridges instead of a round curve at the top of the opening into the ear canal) or attached ear lobes, or cross-eyeshave been described, but none of these findings alone allow a doctor to make the diagnosis.

That’s correlation not causation


Well, I have a high arched palate, narrow set eyes and one crossed eye that had to be surgically straightened at the age of three. But you can still see that it is crossed when I am tired.

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