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Hello Forum of Carayzee-ness ,

e(Y)e Wonder Sometimes When e(Y)e Am Alone and Drift Off Within a Voyd of
Personal Thinking / Attitude of Being Told How to Live Healthily … ,

e(Y)e Drift and Wonder … ,

Jus As e(Y)e Am About to Fall Asleep e(Y)e Think to Myself , Something Such as Thus … ,

Are We Commited and Sent to E.R.'s and All Such n Such , Because Tha Schools of Our Generation ( and tha generations before ) Doesn’t Agree With Our Life Philosophy (???) ,

( OR ) As Some Would Say ,

Our Philosophy of Life … , (explicit below) … ,

Has THAT Disagreement Caused Blood to Be Shed (???) … ,

Perhaps Even , On Both Sides of Tha Fence … ,

So What Are Your PERSONAL Thots on Such a Ridiculous Question … ,

Your Indifference Is Naught Required … ,

Hopefully , That Is …

sleep-op sleepopipotamus…

:smile: :heart: take care mensch

Yeah ,

No Doubt ,

Completely Full of Untouchable “humor” “brah” … ,

Altho e(Y)e STILL L.O.V.E. That Album … . ,

" and if the snow , falls , in my , my neighborhood , then i’ll dig a tunnel , from my window to yours " …

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yeah man can’t deny greatness… hah… you’re the ■■■■ man… “don’t you for-get”

Jus a Quick Question While We Are Both jus Sitting Here Wasting Every-ones T(Y)me ,

Is Your “avatar” a Tesseract (???) ,

Some CARL SAGAN Shazzle … ,

PALE BLUE DOT Continuation Proclamation (???)

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ah buddy… not a tesseract… very 3d it is…

hah this is us… we are hear… the pale blue dot… :smile:

ever conquerer and king… every emporer and tyrant has fought to rule a portion of this… what amounted to a fraction of a dot in space…

'it’s quite rhombic baby… yeah"

hey yo sleepop

OK. PickleEater. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19. My case was severe with solid suffering for almost 2 1/2 years. I had many delusions and I was suicidal often. I was sent to my first psyche ward where I spent a week and a half. After that I went directly into a house for schizophrenics where I spent a year. I suffered every minute of every day while I was there. While I was there I had no friends, no job, no money, no schooling, certainly no girlfriend, no car. I got kicked out after a year over a misunderstanding and I moved back into my parents apartment. I lasted about a week before I broke down again.

This time my parents put me in a long term locked hospital. I still had nothing at age 20. I lived there 8 months with a hundred other very ill people. It was quite scary. I was heavily medicated with a drug called prolixen. It was so sedating that I could hardly walk. I suffered again for that entire 8 months. It was a nightmare in there. I was a naive 20 year old thrown in with some rough people.After 8 months of hell my parents got me released into a nice Residential Treatment Home. I had no income except an SSI check that went towards rent and left me with about $35.00 a month to spend on myself. After a year the agency that ran the house got me a job. I was still suffering symptoms but they lowered my medication. Well, I worked that job for four years. And I’ve worked pretty steadily since then. In 1984 I enrolled myself in college.

Unfortunately, I relapsed and went through several hospitalizations in 1989 and I didn’t work for a year. In 1990 I got another job. At that time I got put into a group home. I stayed there 5 years and worked the entire time. I also attended college. In 1995 I moved out of the home and my sister let me live with her. I had a job and I got a car and I was living independently. I socialized a lot too. Well eventually I had to move. I moved around a few times renting rooms in people houses. I worked fairly steadily and I even got a job as a park ranger for two years. In 2002 I was living with 7 housemates in a women’s house. In 2004 my psychiatrist put me on Resperidone. I’ve been on it ever since. While I’ve been on it I have worked, taken online classes, drove my car, lived independently, had a few friends, socialized, socialized with my family, and other things in life. I have lived a life.

Unfortunately. just recently I had to be hospitalized. My mom had died and the resulting stress from her death and built up stress from other things had built up and I lost some things but I’m getting back on my feet. But yeah, I’ve been on resperidone for 12 years and still functioned. Until this last two day hospitalization I had been out of the hospital for more than 25 years. I think this is what you or your boyfriend wanted to hear. I’ve been suicidal off and on but never attempted. Despite that I’ve done quite a few things. Good luck in your situation.

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Explain to Me What Tha Hell is Going On … ,

Between “pickle man” and a PALE BLUE DOT , e(Y)e Am Confused …

and Why Does Your Cat Have a Mustache (???)

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Waterway gave her a moustache for No Shave November. It’s for prostate cancer awareness. She’ll shave it come December.

you sure like your polyhedra, don’t you? Ah well, what’s not to like about them :slight_smile:

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Understood to a Pointless Degree but D(Y)D He Have to Use ARCADE FIRE to Prove a Pointless Point , No pain e(Y)e Suppose but , Well e(Y)e’m Sure You Get Thee Idea … ,

Naught Funni “sosy” ,

At Least When e(Y)e’m In My Own Little World e(Y)e Say Thee Most Supreme Intellegent Shazz … ,

e(Y)e Misspelled it on Purpose … ,


Thus Threads Disintegrated Anyways … ,

So BOOMSHAKALAKA ( Part 2 ) …,

Have Fun Yo Yo’s , e(Y)e’m Gonna Lissen to NEON BIBLE Now …

this aint no platohedra mutha ■■■■…

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this is one I just heard yesterday… wachu think sleeper?

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Altho Isn’t There a Band Called Sleepers ( OR ) Something L(Y)Ke Thaz (???)